PROFILE has been next to the construction professionals since 1996, offering specialised building materials to the Greek market, the neighbouring countries and to a number of European countries. PROFILE aims to give ideal solutions to construction companies.

PROFILE’s philosophy is based on the principle of providing products with guaranteed quality.

One of PROFILE’s greatest assets, is the prospect of immediate delivery from our facilities on the same day, with a transport company of your choice in Thessaloniki.

At PROFILE, you can find:

Special profiles for tiles, marbles and natural stone
Special profiles for industrial constructions and for health and safety environments (i.e. requiring HACCP approval)
Adhesives for tiles and marbles

  • Cementitious
  • Epoxy

Grouts for tiles and marbles
Epoxy floors

All our products are manufactured in Europe and are accompanied with written guarantees and certifications 

Contact us for further information or clarifications and we will respond with diligence, credibility and reliability as promptly as we can.